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|-What is Love-Techno-BETA!-| |-What is Love-Techno-BETA!-|

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i used your song

in a video you can check it out on my site

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Mushroom Kingdom Politics Mushroom Kingdom Politics

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hey you need to contact me

i love your stuff i want to animate one of your songs. to make it look realy good. email me at and i will show you my work

AOL mix AOL mix

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hey i remixed this song

check my profile to hear it and i want to animate it so you will be adding a submission to your song. . check me out at


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your stuff is awsome

check out a song i made with it on this page lets colorate. lol
gave you all tens

A5UKA responds:

yea homie thanks for the tens
yea ill check it out and ill add you

much luv




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i like alot this i made a song with it

check my page its called 311 cover starwars. if you could make some more like this it would be awsome. email me on here if you do i reaaly like the 311 one. gave you all tens. haha